• clarax

    Senior Novotny Advances as Finalist in Rhodes Scholarship Selection Process

    West Virginia University is continuing the tradition of endorsing its exceptional students for one of the nation's most prestigious academic awards.

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  • image of blemings

    WVU Names Blemings Dean for Honors College

    Kenneth Blemings of the West Virginia University intercollegiate undergraduate program in biochemistry and professor in the Division of Animal & Nutritional Sciences in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design, has been named dean of the WVU Honors College.

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  • image of Adam Carte

    MEET THE GRADS: WVU Biochemistry Student to go from Hico, W.Va., to Harvard

    Humble beginnings set Adam Carte apart from a crowd inundated with Yale, Cornell and MIT graduates. During graduate school interviews at prestigious Ivy League schools, the soon-to-be Davis College graduate countered questions about his upbringing on a tiny farm in West Virginia and his pedigree from WVU.

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  • image of boyd

    WVU honors three faculty members for innovative work

    Jonathan Boyd, an assistant professor of chemistry, investigates how cells adapt and survive exposure to toxic chemicals, then incorporates these biological strategies learned from nature into novel security measures for information network systems and software applications.

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  • mcfadden

    WVU professor receives grant for dairy cow research

    Joseph McFadden, an assistant professor of biochemistry in WVU's Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, received a $150,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture to study insulin resistance in dairy cows.

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