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Division of Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Barnes, Kimberly

Associate Professor of Biochemistry

(304) 293-1841

2411 Agricultural Sciences Building

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Blemings, Ken

Dean of the WVU Honors College
Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry

(304) 293-2100

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Jaczynski, Jacek

Professor of Food Science and Muscle Food Safety

(304) 293-1893

2415 Agricultural Sciences Building

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Klandorf, Hillar

Professor of Physiology and Nutrition

(304) 293-1897

2112 Agricultural Sciences Building

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Krause, Marie

Associate Professor of Ruminant Nutrition

(304) 293-1899

1411 Agricultural Sciences Building

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Tou, Janet

Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods

(304) 293-1919

2417 Agricultural Sciences Building

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Wilson, Matt

Professor of Reproductive Physiology

(304) 293-1935

2206 Agricultural Sciences Building

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Yao, Jianbo

Professor of Functional Genomics

(304) 293-1948

2409 Agricultural Sciences Building

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Department of Biology

Bidwai, Ashok

Professor of Biology

(304) 293-5233

4220 Life Sciences Building

Bishop, Clif

Associate Professor of Biology

(304) 293-5245

3139 Life Sciences Building

Guardiola, Amaris

Teaching Assistant Professor of Biology

(304) 293-2106

5234 Life Sciences Building

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Lee, Kevin

Teaching Assistant Professor of Biology

(304) 293-9494

3139 Life Sciences Building

Department of Chemistry

Finklea, Harry

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

(304) 293-4742

565 Chemistry Research Labs

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Legleiter, Justin

Associate Professor of Chemistry

(304) 293-0175

359 Chemistry Research Labs

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Mertz, Blake

Associate Professor of Chemistry

(304) 293-9166

361 Chemistry Research Labs

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Valentine, Stephen

Associate Professor of Chemistry

(304) 293-4937

557 Chemistry Research Labs

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